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    Don’t let drugs destroy your future

    Illicit drugs can be harmful to athletes and bring sport into disrepute. There are many examples of how drug and alcohol abuse can destroy the careers of successful young athletes. The use of illicit drugs in sport is particularly disappointing because so many young Australians look up to our athletes as role models.

    Through the Illicit Drugs in Sport (IDIS) Program, Surfing Australia has partnered with the Australian Government to ensure Australian athletes have the education and support to make the right choices when it comes to illicit drugs.

    The main aims of the Surfing Australia Illicit Drugs in Sport Program are to:

    • Prevent illicit drug use in elite sport through education programs targeted at athletes, coaches and administrators;
    • Harness the power of positive sporting role models to help deliver community education about the harms of illicit drug use; and
    • Assist athletes identified with a drug problem in getting help.
    The Surfing Australia IDIS program plans to spread this educational message to our vast range of stakeholders within the sport and broader surfing community through the following initiatives:

    • Junior Event Sponsorship
    • Grassroots Boardriders Clubs
    • National High Performance Camp Education
    • Surfing Australia IDIS Ambassadors



    These days when the difference between winning and losing can be less than one hundredth of a second, a healthy mind and body is the key to getting the best out of yourself and achieving your full potential.

    The use of illicit (illegal) drugs can seriously impair the functioning of your mind and body. This can have a major impact on your performance by reducing your ability to train and compete at an optimal level.

    • Events

      The IDIS program is providing support sponsorship to both the Australian Junior Surfing Titles & State Junior Surfing Titles.

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    • Education

      Michael Jeh has been engaged as Surfing Australia’s IDIS education provider.

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    • Clubs

      The education of our members through 200+ Boardriders Clubs around Australia is crucial to ensuring the key IDIS Education Program messages are directly reaching the grassroots of our sport.

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    • Ambassadors

      The IDIS Program's Ambassadors consist of Layne Beachley, Mark Richards, Jamie Mitchell & Chelsea Hedges.

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